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Basic Goat Care Advice And Tips

You may have considered keeping one or more goats in your home or your yard, especially if you are a pet lover, and already have dogs and cats, and are looking for something different. However, it is important to understand that the needs of goats are very different, regardless of how much of an animal lover you think you are.

Being able to commit to the work involved in keeping goats and being up to the task is essential before you rush out and buy a goat for your home. You may also need to find someone else who will care for your pets while you aren’t there if you are used to working five days a week and simply want to relax with your animals after working hard all day.

Most people are novices when it comes to caring for goats, regardless of how much experience they have had looking after other animals. The following goat care tips can help to make the experience enjoyable and can ensure that your goats are happy, safe and healthy.

1.) It is a common myth that goats will eat anything. If you want to raise healthy and happy goats, you cannot just assume that they will eat the grass and plants in your yard. Goats actually won’t eat at all if they just don’t like the hay that you feed them, or the plants in the outdoor area in which they are grazing. Goats are in fact, picky eaters, rather like some children can be fussy eaters, and they have to be handled accordingly.

If you are raising goats, you should feed them green hay and good quality grains on a regular basis. Goats also need to consume enough nutrients and vitamins each day, especially younger goats who really need to have a balanced diet, and you should talk to your vet about ensuring that your goats are eating a balanced and healthy diet.

2.) A shelter containing dry bedding is essential for your goats, especially during wet weather, as they hate to get wet. Goats that get wet will let you know about it as they will bleat and cry, possibly keeping you or your neighbors awake and keeping your goats dry is one of the most critical aspects of responsible goat care.

3.) A lonely goat can easily become depressed and even irate, and for this reason, it is important that your goat has at least one companion. As a general rule, you need to have at least two goats in your home or your yard, to avoid the very real issue of a goat becoming depressed and lonely. Having at least two goats is essential, even if you live alone and are quite used to your own company.

It can be fun and satisfying keeping goats in your home, although at times it can seem like something of an adventure, due to the unique needs of these animals. Following the tips and advice above can help to ensure that your experience raising goats is a positive one and that your goats are healthy and happy.

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